Recently the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that requires all states to authorize same sex marriages and recognize same-sex marriages that took place in other states. Immediately following the ruling, Governor Nathan Deal made an announcement to confirm that Georgia will follow the federal law. Per Gov. Deal’s order, the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) is currently assessing the impact of the Court’s ruling to determine all necessary changes to programs and policies. Until the full review of all programs and policy can be completed and any necessary changes are made, DFCS will manage any issues that arise from the change in law on a case by case basis. In doing so, DFCS will strictly adhere to the ruling of the Supreme Court.

SCAM ALERT: The Department of Human Services and Division of Family and Children Services is aware of a letter targeting providers who want to be involved with the agency’s Independent Living Program.

The letter misappropriates a previous logo of the former Department of Human Resources and the name of the Division of Family and Children Services Independent Living Program and seeks to acquire bank account information from the provider in order to deposit a “grant award.”

Any individual who is uncertain about a request for private financial information should contact the Department of Human Services Office of Inspector General via email at or call 404-463-5495 to verify its authenticity. Suspicious activity should be reported to local law enforcement immediately.

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