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The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) through the local County Department of Family and Children Services provides Adoption Services based on the premise that a permanent, safe home is the right of every child. All children have a right to a family and a home of his/her own.  When a permanent home is not provided by the birth family and permanent, legal separation from them is necessary, adoption services shall be provided.


Meet the Children

Georgia’s Adoption Photolisting website, It’s My Turn Now Georgia, features children who are looking for caring forever families to help make their dreams come true. To learn more about children who are available for adoption in the State of Georgia, Click Here.



To speak with someone about becoming a foster or adoptive parent
Contact the foster care and adoption recruitment intake line at 1-877-210-KIDS (5437) or

Click Here to complete the Homes for Georgia’s Kids Inquiry Form





Wednesday’s Child Atlanta

In partnership with Georgia DFCS and Fox 5 Atlanta, Wednesday’s Child is a successful program that is part of the Freddie Mac Foundation’s national campaign to increase the number of adoptions of children in foster care. The children featured on Wednesday’s Child are those in the most urgent need of a home. Many of these children are over the age of eight and have been in the foster care system for some time and desperately need a permanent place to call home.


Weekly Feature: Amy

Amy is a caring, strong, confident and honest teen who enjoys listening to music, painting and writing.  She also enjoys playing soccer, eating Mexican candy and spending time with her friends.  Well-liked, Amy makes friends easily and is protective of her family and friends.  At school, she enjoys learning about math and excels in Spanish and gym class.  Amy needs a loving adoptive family who will provide her with the support, encouragement and nurturing environment she needs to continue to thrive.  Her family also needs to support her desire to maintain her relationships with her brothers, who have been planned for separately, as well as her need for ongoing therapy.

Learn more about Amy by visiting the Wednesday's Child web site.


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