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The Division of Family and Children Services is committed to educating the public, private partners and DFCS field staff in regards to best practices in adoption and to facilitate and support the adoption of children in the permanent custody of the Department of Human Services.

Weekly Feature: Stephanie

Stephanie is an optimistic and hard-working  teen who enjoys playing sports, reading and listening to music.  She also likes to watch TV, color and have a good time with her many friends.  Stephanie is a well-behaved young lady who has a good sense of humor, gets along well with others and is a good listener.  Her favorite subjects at school are science and language arts.  Stephanie would like to become an OB/GYN and work for UNICEF someday.  She needs to be adopted by a loving family who will support her desire to maintain a relationship with her siblings who have been planned for separately.

Learn more about Stephanie by visiting the Wednesday's Child web site.

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