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The Division of Family and Children Services is committed to educating the public, private partners and DFCS field staff in regards to best practices in adoption and to facilitate and support the adoption of children in the permanent custody of the Department of Human Services.

Weekly Feature: Ta'Sun

Ta’sun is a positive, insightful, creative and talented teen who enjoys drawing, writing stories, acting and doing imitations. He also enjoys social networking and traveling. At school, this well-behaved, down-to-earth and likeable young man enjoys creating art, learning about history and running track. Ta’sun is easy to get along with, loves people and loves to entertain others! He has a bright future which includes studying the arts, film and acting in college and then becoming an actor. Ta’sun is becoming more independent, but looks forward to having a loving adoptive family to give him the support, nurturing environment, encouragement and stability he needs to realize his great potential. His family will also need to support his ongoing need for therapy and academic assistance.


Learn more about Ta'Sun by visiting the Wednesday's Child web site.

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