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The Division of Family and Children Services is committed to educating the public, private partners and DFCS field staff in regards to best practices in adoption and to facilitate and support the adoption of children in the permanent custody of the Department of Human Services.

Weekly Feature: Ajailai, Amari and Antavius

Ajailai, Amari, and Antavius are siblings who look forward to becoming part of a permanent family soon.  Ajailai is a helpful and respectful little girl who enjoys learning about math, riding her bike and running track.  She wants to become a lawyer when she grows up.  Amari is a loving, caring and nurturing little boy who enjoys riding his bike, flying kites and eating good food.  He excels in math and enjoys reading, especially the Bible.  Amari hopes to work in law enforcement or the medical field someday.  Antavius is a helpful little boy who enjoys cleaning, reading and writing, and doing outside activities, to include going on outings.  He hopes to become a doctor when he grows up.

Ajailai, Amari and Antavius need a loving and nurturing adoptive family who will provide them with the individualized attention, support and encouragement they need to continue to thrive.  Their family will also need to support their desire to maintain a relationship with their current foster parent as well as their need for ongoing therapy and tutoring.

Learn more about Ajailai, Amari and Antavius by visiting the Wednesday's Child web site.

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