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Georgia TeenWork Internship Program 

“Leading youth to success through employment training and career opportunities”


Program Overview

The Georgia TeenWork Internship Program (GTIP) is administered through the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and is designed to ensure that Georgia's foster youth are equipped with the skills and opportunities necessary to enable them to mature into well-balanced and self-sufficient members of society.

The Georgia TeenWork Internship Program (GTIP) is an opportunity for Georgia's foster care youth 15 - 17 years of age to participate in valuable career preparatory opportunities (training and work experience) within their communities. The program provides valuable training and career preparatory opportunities with local businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Georgia TeenWork Internship Program Goals:

  • Provide youth in foster care with career preparatory training.  
  • Provide youth in foster care with meaningful workplace skills and internship opportunities.  
  • Engage Georgia’s business communities, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies in mutually beneficial partnerships which establish valuable and safe work environments for GTIP participants.

Who Is Eligible for Georgia TeenWork?

In order to be eligible for TeenWork you must:

  • Reside in the state of Georgia with a valid photo ID
  • Are 16 to 17 years old
  • Are available to work a maximum of 25 – 30 hours a week
  • Youth currently in foster care and in custody of DFCS

Why Is Youth Job Training Important?

  • The Georgia TeenWork Internship Program is a resource established to help promote positive youth development. The program strives to provide a sense of independence and valuable work experience for participating youth. 
  • Through statewide collaborations with our sister agencies, private companies, non-profit organizations, faith- based organizations and institutions of higher learning, the program promotes future success for Georgia’s foster youth.
Please click here to apply for the Georgia TeenWork Internship Program.
“TeenWork meant a lot to me because it taught me how to conduct myself in a professional manner on a job. As a sophomore at Georgia State University, TeenWork has helped to connect me to people in the field of Social Work, which I have declared as my major. I look forward to the summer time to participate in TeenWork each year.”      -Felicia Evans, foster youth
“The TeenWork program is a superb vehicle for bridging the gap between government and young adults. Proper execution of the program not only provides employment opportunities for our young citizens but also serves as a catalyst for satellite "teach, coach, and mentor" programs throughout the state. Program participants can attain social and vocational skill sets from successful employees while employees learn more about the desires, thought processes and goals of our future leaders. Everyone wins if we use this program to look beyond merely assigning tasks by creating a learning environment for TeenWork participants."
 -Arnold Smith Director of Operations, Planning, and Training Division Georgia Department of Corrections


To learn more:

Crystal Culver, M.A - Program Manager
Contact: (404) 463 - 7288
Georgia TeenWork Internship Program Partner Letter

Thank you for your interest in Georgia TeenWork.