Georgia TeenWork Internship Program 

“Leading youth to success through employment training and career opportunities”


Each year, more than 700 youth in Georgia age out of foster care. Many of those youth experience negative outcomes such as homelessness, teenage pregnancy, and low academic achievement. Despite these discouraging statistics, studies have found that youth who have employment opportunities and enriching experiences while in foster care are more likely to graduate from high school, obtain and maintain steady employment, and are able to become self-sufficient after exiting care. To support youth as they prepare to transition from foster care to adulthood and independence, the Georgia TeenWork Internship Program (Georgia TeenWork) was created.  The Georgia TeenWork Internship Program is administered through the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and is designed to ensure that Georgia's foster youth are equipped with the skills and opportunities necessary to enable them to mature into well-balanced and self-sufficient members of society.

Career preparation and employment opportunities are critical in assisting our youth with their transition into adulthood. Georgia TeenWork is an opportunity for Georgia's youth in foster care ages 16 - 18 years of age, to participate in valuable career preparatory opportunities within their communities. The program provides valuable training and job placement opportunities through partnerships with local businesses, non-profit organizations and public agencies. 

Georgia TeenWork Program Goals

  • Provide youth in foster care with career preparatory training.
  • Provide youth in foster care with meaningful workplace skills and internship opportunities.
  • Engage Georgia’s business communities, non-profit organizations and govern mental agencies in a mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships and coordinated collaboration with internal and external partners that establishes valuable and safe work environments for GTIP participants.

Core Areas of Service

To ensure a comprehensive model of support for participating youth, Georgia TeenWork implements three Core Areas of Service. Georgia TeenWork’s areas of service are career preparation, job placement, and youth employment resource connections. 

Career Preparation
When selected to participate in the Georgia TeenWork Internship Program, each youth must complete a career assessment. The youth’s career assessment provides additional insight and information on the various employment options that may be available for the youth and it assists the youth’s assigned Employment and Training Specialist in identifying the most valuable employment experience during their employment cycle. Upon completion of the career assessment and additional training, youth are then connected to employers that represent their short-term and/or long-term career interests.

Employment Skills Training
Each youth selected to participate in Georgia TeenWork must participate in employment skills training. This training not only prepares the youth for their Georgia TeenWork employment cycle but it also provides real world experience on obtaining and maintaining a job and provides additional support for youth through the engagement and support of our employer partners. Employment training topics include, but are not limited to: resume writing, dressing for success, customer service skill building and office etiquette.

Youth Resource Connections
The Georgia TeenWork Internship Program is a resource established to help promote positive youth development. Through statewide collaborations, the program promotes the future success of Georgia’s foster youth by providing a resource guide that connects youth to other services they may need.

If you experience any difficulty downloading our forms or have questions please contact our office at georgiateenwork@dhs.ga.gov or call 404-463-7288.